Small Signet Hoop Earrings small silver angle.jpg

Small Signet Hoop Earrings

from 90.00
Medium Signet Hoop Earrings medium silver front.jpg

Medium Signet Hoop Earrings

from 105.00
Large Signet Hoop Earrings large silver front.jpg

Large Signet Hoop Earrings

from 120.00
Small Signet Stud All Signet Studs Gold.jpg

Small Signet Stud

from 85.00
Medium Signet Stud Silver Medium Signet Stud.jpg

Medium Signet Stud

from 100.00
Large Signet Stud Silver Large Signet Stud.jpg

Large Signet Stud

from 115.00
Pave Shallow Arc Ring 061.jpg

Pave Shallow Arc Ring

Deep Arc Ring 059.jpg

Deep Arc Ring

from 100.00
Petite Shell Stud PetiteShellStudGold.jpg

Petite Shell Stud

from 50.00
Mama Shell Stud MamaShellStudGold.jpg

Mama Shell Stud

from 65.00
Diamond Shell Studs IMG_4881.JPG

Diamond Shell Studs

from 249.00
Mama Shell Necklace MamaShellGold2.jpg

Mama Shell Necklace

from 270.00
Petite Signet Ring SilverBothSignetRings.jpg

Petite Signet Ring

from 90.00
Signet Ring SilverBothSignetRings.jpg

Signet Ring

from 185.00
Pink Garnet Signet Ring DSC_0736.jpg

Pink Garnet Signet Ring

Yellow Garnet Signet Ring DSC_0730.jpg

Yellow Garnet Signet Ring

Aquamarine Signet Ring DSC_0737.jpg

Aquamarine Signet Ring

Custom Engraved Signet Ring DSC_0719.jpg

Custom Engraved Signet Ring

from 300.00
Large Dome Ring with Jasper DSC_0759.jpg

Large Dome Ring with Jasper

Plain Large Dome Ring

Plain Large Dome Ring

Thick Triangle Stamped Cuff Thick Front.jpg

Thick Triangle Stamped Cuff

Thin Triangle Stamped Cuff Thin front.jpg

Thin Triangle Stamped Cuff

Turquoise Cuff DSC_0831.jpg

Turquoise Cuff

Aquamarine Small Dome Ring DSC_0713.jpg

Aquamarine Small Dome Ring

Pink Garnet Small Dome Ring DSC_0703.jpg

Pink Garnet Small Dome Ring

Plain Small Dome Ring

Plain Small Dome Ring

Teardrop Necklace DSC_0673.jpg

Teardrop Necklace