Recycled Metal

All Made Line jewelry is made with certified recycled metal.

This means that the metal has been taken from a previously owned piece of jewelry (or even electronics and dental work!) rather than from newly mined metal. After the metal has been properly melted down, “cleaned” to take out any impurities, and re-alloyed at the refiner, the metal is ready to be made into something new!

The quality and value of recycled metal is exactly the same as newly mined metal, but using recycled metal is a great way to ensure that you aren’t supporting any bad mining practices that could possibly have many social and environmental consequences.


Traceable Gemstones

I only work with gemstones that are natural and have some form of traceability.

I try to find as much information as possible about the stones to guarantee that they are ethically sourced. Gathering information on gemstones is extremely difficult (the stones go through so many different hands after being mined that it has not yet become an industry standard to track them), however I try to find out as much information as possible about it’s journey from mine to market. If possible I try to find the country of origin, specific mining site, trading information, and where the stone was cut.

If I’m unable to find sufficient information, I won’t use the stone. I proudly share all stone origin information whenever possible!